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Reasons Why You Should Groom Your Dog

Grooming is a necessary for all dogs for several reasons. These include the following reasons:

- It helps keep the dog clean, and fresh looking. Good grooming will also bring out the best in dogs in terms of beauty and elegance.

- It helps prevent doggy odour which is a common problem for many dog owners since it makes living with the dogs are unbearable and for people who do not like dogs this smell is very offensive.

Doggy odour may come from a variety of places including ears, mouth and anal glands. All these sources are usually taken care of during grooming.

- It will help improve skin condition. This is by removal of parasites, dust and dead skin which impairs functioning of the skin predisposing it to diseases.

- Regular grooming will help you identify any changes in your dog, thus forewarning you about any problems that are present. This will help you to know if there’s a need to take the dog to the vet for check up or if the problem can be handled at home.

- Dog’s that participate in shows are required to be well groomed. The quality of the grooming is also assessed based on which the judges will rate the dog. Thus, good grooming will earn the dog more points.

- Some body parts such as the ears and rear end are good ground for microbial proliferation which in most cases will result in infection. This is since these two places are very warm and have moisture, thus grooming will help keep the level of these microbes down thus preventing infections.

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- Grooming gives the dog owner a chance to strengthen the bond between him and his dog. This is only in cases where the owner gets to do the grooming himself. If it is done in a fun and relaxed way, the dog will enjoy this and look forward to future grooming.

- Nature’s aid: Long haired breeds need to shed hair in summer because of anticipated temperature changes. Though shedding will occur naturally, grooming helps to thin out the hair thus making the dog more comfortable in the heat of summer.

Trimming the dog’s nails will help keep them at acceptable length thus preventing injury when handling the dog as well as ensuring that your dog does not use this nails to engage in destructive behaviour. It is also important for the dog since long nails will result in pain for the dog during walking. Trimming is therefore important as a part of the dog’s well being.

Grooming should start when the dog is still a puppy. The first time you groom your dog, you should make it fun and painless, and that way the dog will be easier to handle in future grooming.

Grooming involves general cleaning of the dog’s body with special attention to eyes, ears, teeth, and nails. During grooming, the dog is also checked for external parasites and any foreign substances removed.

Grooming is an important routine that should never dismissed by a responsible dog owner.

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