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Games You Can Play with Your Dog

Too few people spend the proper amount of time playing with their dogs each day. The simple act of engaging your dog in simple play can have a number of wide reaching benefits. To start with, it is relaxing for you as a dog owner.

Secondly, it is incredibly useful for your dog,
especially if they have tendencies toward anxiety and boredom. Dogs are not like people. They are not hard to keep busy.

If you give them something to think about and keep them busy, they will take it and ideally it will reduce that excess energy.

Something as simple as playing fetch or having your dog search for hidden treats can be extremely exhausting for them. It requires a significant investment of mental energy - such that they will not run out of energy anytime soon.

Finding the Right Games

There are plenty of games you can play to keep your dog busy and help the two of your bond. Here are a few of the most popular - and effective - ways of doing just that.

  * Hide and Seek - This is an easy trick and it works well. Just hide from your dog and call them to you. When he finds you, get very excited to show that they did it just right. You can make it harder over time by hiding in smaller, more hidden spots.

   * Treasure Hunt - This is a great way to work a dog's brain, and there are even toys that can help with this. To do it, hide treats in various places around your home, or in the toys themselves. Then have your dog go to the treat and find it.

   * Trick Response - A simple round of "Simon Says" will have your dog working to complete the tricks you have taught him in the past. Make sure to teach the dog the exact commands you'll use and always praise them for completing each one, preferably with a treat.

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   * Fetch and Catch - Fetch is a great activity and some dogs will try to make you play constantly. The goal here is to control the fetch session and make sure the dog knows when to stop. You can hide the toy on a shelf or have a command to stop playing.

   * Wrestling - Wrestling is good for larger dogs, as long as they are good at staying gentle. Set boundaries and if your dog nips or gets too agitated, make sure to stop playing to avoid any unwanted behaviour.

   * Tug of War - To play tug of war, make sure you get something that is only for tug of war. Be sure to teach your dog how to "drop it" as well. You need to control the activity to avoid any aggressive responses during the game.

Dogs play Tug of War in the wild though, and even if they don't do it right away, they will almost always join in eventually.

Playing games with your dog should be a standard part of the daily dog exercising routine you use to wear them out. A walk is equally important, but play time is a great way to bond with your dog as well, and can help you train them to respond in important situations.

The key is to have fun, not encourage negative behaviours and to be consistent. Make sure you share the rules of play with everyone in the house so everyone knows what they are and are not allowed to do in these games.

If you play it right, however, you and your dog will have a very good time each time you start your play sessions and you'll reap the benefits of a worn out pup.

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