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Dog Food Guide

 dog food guide

* 32 page ebook 

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"Well, that does it for me. After reading your book there is no way that I will every buy dog food off the shelf again. Thank you for teaching me what I need to know to keep my dog safe and healthy."

- Lea D. Palm Harbor, FL

Product Description

Doesn't It Make Sense To Know For Sure What You Are Feeding Your Dog WITHOUT Having To Trust Profit-Driven Companies To Do The Right Thing For Your Dog?

Millions and millions of pounds of commercial dog food products are sold around the world every day. Because we are consumers, and we have been lulled into a sense of security about the products that we find on our shelves, few dog owners ever even consider the fact that the simple act of taking a can or bag of dog food of the shelf is putting their beloved pet's life at risk. That was the case until 7: p.m. Eastern Time on March 21, 2007 when the reports of deathly ill dogs started making the news.

Everything after that changed. As the terrible story started to reveal itself, it became apparent that not only was there an epidemic of contaminated dog food in the works, but there was an equally serious epidemic of contaminated cat food as well. Even ferret food was affected.

You can't imagine the panic I felt when I checked the list of recalled brands and saw that the exact brand of dog food I feed my "boys" was on that list. Fortunately, the lot that my bag came from was manufactured before the contaminants hit the food chain. Way before, as it turned out. That fact, oddly enough, didn't make me feel too much better.

Sure, I was grateful that I hadn't fed contaminated dog food to my dogs, but I was equally concerned that the food I was feeding had been manufactured quite some time before I had purchased it according to the date on the bag. I had never give any though to the freshness of the food I was feeding. Now I started paying attention to the whole concept of dog nutrition.

With this ebook, you will never be stuck for  "dog food guide"  ideas again! You don't know it yet but, at the end of this page you will have learned how to quickly and easily create recipes for your dog ... Treat yourself and your dog to a wholesome alternative to tinned dog food ...

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