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Dog Diets

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Obesity is becoming a common health concern in dogs. Being overweight can increase the probability of health issues developing in your dog.

Overweight dogs not only have respiratory issues, but also develop joint issues and other physical health problems.

Putting your dog on a diet can be a stressful situation if you are not familiar with dog diets.

Dog Diets - An Overview

The first thing you should look into is how much you are feeding your dog considering his activity level and ideal weight. A common mistake dog owners make when feeding their dog is to feed them according to their current weight. If your dog is overweight, you should feed him according to his ideal weight, not his present weight.

For example; if your Chihuahua weighs 10 pounds, and his ideal weight is 6 pounds, you should follow the instructions on the dog food for feeding a 6 pound dog, not a 10 pound dog. You can also ask your veterinarian for the appropriate amounts that you should be feeding your dog. Also, if your dog is not so active, it is not necessary to feed him a high-calorie dog food. There are dog foods especially made for inactive dogs.

If you are considering getting your dog to an ideal weight, take the following steps:

1. Let everyone in the household know that your dog will begin a special diet. This will eliminate the probability of someone else feeding your dog unnecessary food.

2. If your dog is fed free choice, consider feeding measured amounts split into two times a day.

3. Do not give treats that are high in calories and fat. Most veterinary clinics sell special snacks that are designed for dogs with overweight issues.

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4. Avoid table food; human food contains more fat and calories than dog food, and is therefore a bad choice for your overweight dog.

5. Consider prescription or over the counter diet dog foods. Ask your veterinarian about the different choices of dog food.

6. Take your dog for daily walks and slowly increase physical activity. Do not push your dog too much, as most overweight dogs have trouble breathing and can easily over heat.

There are several health issues that your dog may develop from being overweight. Dogs with genetic predispositions such as hip dysplasia can be more at risk of developing the disease if they’re overweight. Extra weight on your dogs’ body will cause pressure points, pain, joint weakness, respiratory issues, and many other health problems.

Owner compliance is the most important part to a successful dog diet. Resist the temptation to give your dog treats or table scraps. Even if given in small portions, it is enough to prevent your dog from losing weight.

Giving your dog treats is often a way that owners show affection. You can try other forms of affection such as playing games: this will benefit your dogs’ health and also create a strong bond. Keeping your dog physically healthy will reduce the chances of him being unhealthy. Take the time to talk to your veterinarian about dog diets - an overview.

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Dog Diet Tips And Articles:

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    A dog's diet is actually quite a bit more diverse than you'd expect. In the wild, a dog would eat not just meat, but a combination of roots, berries, grasses, and even bugs to supplement their diet. Part of those foods might come because of poor pickings from game.
  2. Dealing With a Dog Food Allergy?
    Dogs may react to some food components resulting in an allergic reaction. Most people however do not know how to distinguish between symptoms of food allergy and food intolerance.
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    When looking for the right kind of food that will meet the dietary needs of your diabetic dog look for a food that is the following...
  4. Dog Food Rating - Know What’s Inside
    The practice of dog food rating is a fairly recent concept. This rating is provided by various sources some of who are independent reviewers.
  5. High Fibre Dog Food
    High fibre dog food also has health benefits as stated below. High fibre is good in the dogs with the following conditions:
  6. Foods Unsafe For Your Dog
    In order to keep your canine companion safe, it is important for you to be aware which food to keep away from dogs and which food are ok to share with your dog.
  7. How to Pick a Healthy Pet Food
    Different animals have different nutritional requirements. Before you pick any dog food it is essential that you consider the following:
  8. Great Dog Food Nutrition Tips For Owners
    In today's world of prepackaged, dry dog food and products, almost no one ever thinks about what a dog really needs in their diet. They just assume their dogs are getting whatever nutrients they need to remain healthy, feeding them as they have always fed their dogs.
  9. Feeding Bones to Dogs
    There is debate amongst dog owners whether feeding your dog bones is safe or not. Some say that bones are harmless and are beneficial to your dog. Others state that there are more risks involved than benefits.
  10. Great Treats for Dogs
    There's nothing greater than being able to make your dog bounce around in pleasure when you give them a special treat. However, some people give out entirely too many treats or treats that may taste good, but can cause a number of health problems.
  11. Foods That You Should NEVER Feed Your Dog
    Everyone knows there are some foods that a dog should never eat. You don't give a dog chocolate and you never let them dig in your trash.
  12. Making Your Own Dog Food
    Bags of commercial dog food fill the store aisles and it is hard to decide which one is the best food for your dog. Price is often a deciding factor.
  13. Homemade Dog Biscuits
    Here are a few homemade dog biscuit recipes you can try out. Remember you can mix and match your ingredients to end up with a completely different recipe.
  14. Homemade Frozen Dog Treats
    The best thing about frozen dog treats is that they are easy to make. Even if you are the worst cook in your world, your dog will never know because no sophisticated cooking skills are required.
  15. Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs
    This, being the third time in one week such a pile was found, is making you think….what is the problem with the dog? Could it be that Fido has food sensitivity and needs to get dog food for sensitive stomachs?
  16. Homemade Dog Food Dangers
    There has been a change in recent time towards homemade meals after the pet food recalls. While homemade meals will leave you with fewer worries about the ingredients that are included, they also pose a danger for dogs.
  17. Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes
    It is necessary for you to learn about your dogs’ nutritional needs before making homemade dog food. It is essential that you know what to include when making a balanced meal.
  18. How to Prepare Nutritious Dog Food at Home
    After the pet food recall, dog owners have become more sensitive to what they feed their dogs. In fact, during that time a considerable number of owners switched to feeding their pets with homemade meals.
  19. Keeping Ants Out of Dog Food
    There are many ways to get rid of ants, some work well for almost everyone while some methods are not as effective and get rid of the problem for a while before it comes back again full time.
  20. Dog Feeding Schedules
    There are several options you can choose when feeding your dog. It is important that you set up certain feeding expectations. Dog feeding schedules mainly depend on your dogs’ way of eating.
  21. How Much to Feed a Dog | Dog Food Proportions
    Most food companies will usually include a feeding guideline on the packet detailing the various classes of weights and the amount to feed the dog.
  22. What is the Best Dog Food For Your Best Friend
    If you are a new dog owner or if you are concerned about the health of your dog, you may be asking yourself about finding the best dog food.
  23. Canine Diabetes - Diets Are Important
    Diabetes in dogs is a common disease, although German Sheppard, Golden Retrievers, and Poodles are more susceptible than other breeds.
  24. Is Your Dog Malnourished?
    There are different reasons for having a malnourished dog. One reason could be that their owner doesn't feed him enough or he is ill. Either way, the dog will not thrive.
  25. How A Dog Food Rating Works
    As an owner you always want to make sure that you are giving your four legged buddy the best possible nutrition and in order to accomplish that it is a good idea to look at dog food ratings.

Dog Diet Tips And Articles

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