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Making Your Own Dog Food

We do not have much control over so many things in our dog's life, but how much and what he eats is within the realm of our control.

Bags of commercial dog food fill the store aisles and it is hard to decide which one is the best food for your dog. Price is often a deciding factor.

If you have the luxury to choose without consideration of price, you will still spend a big chunk of time in the store, checking out percentages of fat content, protein content and the ingredients hierarchy.

You may ask yourself how difficult it would be to start making your own dog food. It certainly would be worth a try, for many reasons.

The Price Of Commercial Dog Food

In the past two years, dog food prices have crept up to an all-time high. Throw that together with a poor economy, many people cannot afford the higher priced brands. This leaves them with the more economical brands that have low protein and high by-products in their composition.

The Initial Investment

Whenever something new is started, there is an initial investment which can be expensive. However, once that is out of the way, it should be much cheaper to make your own dog food than buying it in the store. This holds especially true if you are a multi-dog family and if the multi dogs are large breeds.

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The Long-Term Investment

In the long term, making your own dog food will actually be a money saver. Your dog will be healthier because the food you make for him is not tainted by any chemicals and they are not the discarded pieces of undesirable meat byproducts that are used in commercial dog foods.

By feeding your dog food that will be good for their health, your vet bills may never reach that of stomach surgery or of malignant growth removal, or of loss of a kidney. This may not be stating that all commercial dog foods will cause such problems, but the possibilities are greater with commercial foods than the tightly controlled food that comes from your cooking pot.

Other Benefits Of Home Cooked Meals

When you are the chef, you will choose and add the ingredients that will make up your do's dinner. If your dog has allergies, and some dogs are prone to them more than others, you know how miserable they are when attacked with itchy bumps, scratched off patches of fur, eye drainage that is full of pus. Your heart goes out to the misery your dog endures.

Much of that discomfort can be avoided by preparing the dog's food yourself. With a minimum of ingredients at first, you can do trial and error batches to determine which foods are safe and which will bring on an dog food allergy attack.

Once you have eliminated the offending ingredients, you can then make up an entire meal plan for your pooch and cook for several days in advance because it will keep for a few days in the refrigerator. This will save time.

What Is The Must-Have-Ingredient When Making Your Own Dog Food?

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