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Keeping Ants Out of Dog Food

Some areas of the world have many ants while others do not have ants. In those areas where ants are common, they will invade the pantry, get into food and may also be found on the sink.

Ants are a nuisance especially when they get into your dog food. Not only are they small and are often found in large numbers, getting rid of them can be a problem.

There are many ways to get rid of ants, some work well for almost everyone while some methods are not as effective and get rid of the problem for a while before it comes back again full time. To keep ants out of dog food, here are some methods you can use that will work for you

- Do not leave dog food exposed. If the packet is open and in use, put it into a sealable plastic bag and place it on the shelf. Opened canned foods should be refrigerated and not left in open counters. Dry food may be repackaged into cans that have lids and airtight containers.

- The dog’s bowl should not be placed directly on the floor. Look for a bowl of a larger size that is not too deep. Fill it with water then put the dog’s bowl in this bigger bowl. Ants have hard time swimming and will not get into the dog’s food.

- Use a bar of soap or liquid soap to draw a circle around the dog’s food bowl. Ants will not cross this barrier and your dog’s food will remain ant free.

- You can apply insecticides but this is usually not advised since you are dealing with food and the potential for toxicity is very high. You can however, follow the ants back to their` nest and spray there.

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- Clean empty food bowls well and do not leave them on the floor. This ensures that ants do not come looking for food and even if they do there is nothing for them. The ants will move on to something else and in future, may not go to the food bowl to look for food.

- If your dog is a sloppy eater, clean the place surrounding the food bowl well ensuring that you sweep away any food particles on the floor that could attract ants.

- Ants use scent to find food and call onto the others when they have found it. To destroy this scent that is used as a marker, you can use solutions with strong smell such as vinegar which is sprayed on the ants’ path. Detergents may also work well in destroying the scent.

Be careful not to use any products on the ants that may have an effect on your dog. This is especially in reference to insecticides which have a way of getting around and may be inhaled by the dog even if they do not get into his food. If you can solve the problem without resorting to use of insecticides, then that is a better solution.

Ants present in food may bite the dog and should be sieved out or removed in another way if you do not want to throw away the food.

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