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Is Your Dog Malnourished?

There are different reasons for having a malnourished dog. One reason could be that their owner doesn't feed him enough or he is ill. Either way, the dog will not thrive.

Some dog owners do not feed the dog enough because they are so afraid of obesity that they overcompensate in the opposite direction. They mean well but they are misguided.

A clue that their dog isn't getting enough food may be when people stop and ask "Is your dog malnourished?"

Usually, this kind of problem can be corrected fairly quickly when the veterinarian notices the low weight. Other dogs are malnourished because their owners do not feed them enough because they do not care. Those are the kind of pet owners who do not even take their dogs to the vet. Those poor dogs are mistreated and will probably sooner or later succumb to their cruel treatment.

Signs Of Malnourishment In A Dog

A very thin dog can easily be distinguished from the normal weight dogs by the ribs being prominently and individually visible through his skin. His coat will have no luster. He will not have sparkly eyes or a happy attitude. Hip bones protruding from the back is another indication that this dog has not been fed well for quite some time.

No one will wonder about the question "is your dog malnourished" when they see bones covered by skin. If your dog has always looked normal but suddenly seems to lose weight despite that he is eating well, a trip to the veterinarian is indicated.

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One problem dog owners often miss or just never think about is that the dog may have periodontal disease and it hurts him too much to eat. Infections in the mouth can be very painful and may lead to the dog's refusal to eat.

What Are The Reasons For Malnourishment?

There could be a number of reasons for this. One of the diseases that cause rapid weight loss is cancer. Parasites could be another reason for such notable weight loss. Tapeworms often deprive a dog of all nourishment.

If the dog has diarrhea, you may have to consider some kind of enteritis or some inflammatory bowel disease. Your dog may also have some malabsorption disease that prevents him from benefiting from his food intake. The veterinarian must examine and first treat the underlying disease in order to treat the weight loss secondarily.

If the culprit is a neglectful or cruel owner, the law must step in and correct that situation.

How To Make A Dog Gain Weight Quickly

If the reason the dog is malnourished is not due to any illness, then weight gain can be rapid. High quality canned dog food will be very helpful in having your dog look like he should, in a short amount of time.

Feed the dog three times a day (check the recommended amount for your dog's present weight) and increase the amount little by little. If you feed him large amounts of food, that will bloat him and he will feel even worse.

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