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How A Dog Food Rating Works

As an owner you always want to make sure that you are giving your four legged buddy the best possible nutrition and in order to accomplish that it is a good idea to look at dog food ratings.

Now you may thing that dog food ratings are based on which company will take out the most commercials on the ratings agency website, but that has nothing to do with what the final rating will be.

Things that are taking into account are the quality of the ingredients, the nutritional values and how appetizing the food is to a dog.

All those things combined can make dog food either great for your dog or it can mean that it is time for you to switch to something better.

Quality Of The Ingredients Is Important To How A Dog Food Rating Works

The things that are taking into consideration are all equally important. The first one that we will discuss is the quality of the ingredients. What are the ingredients in the dog food really? Is it chicken or chicken byproducts?

Chicken byproducts are still chicken parts, but it is nothing that you would ever even think about eating like bones, beaks etc. It is easy to see how technically even though your dog is still eating chicken it is not the quality that you would like. You also have to look at how much of the ingredient is left in the dog food after it has been cooked. Some meats will lose so much moisture that by the time it is placed in the bag it is barely there.

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Nutritional Value

Let’s assume that you actually do have good ingredients in your dog’s food. What difference does it make if the ingredients do not meet your dog’s nutritional needs? The food needs to meet these nutritional needs to keep your dog healthy and to extend its life as much as possible.

If the food does not meet the nutritional value requirements then it will not pass this part of the ratings process. Nutritional value is important because it will influence your dog’s health in years to come. You want the dog food that has the best nutritional value so that your dog can have a happy and healthy long life.

Appetizing Is Part Of How A Dog Food Rating Works

What is the point of having the best ingredients and all the nutritional value in the world if your dog will not eat its food? It is the same with dogs as it is with small children who do not eat their vegetables. The vegetables have the vitamins that the kids need, but if they don’t like the flavor they will refuse to eat it.

The food is tested with several different dogs to see how appetizing it is for them. If the dogs seem to enjoy the food then the food will pass this section of the ratings. Always check the dog food ratings to make sure you are giving your dog the best; after all that dogs give us, giving them the best dog food is the least we can do for them.

Very often, the food that promises to make your dog healthy, happy and in fine fettle will actually make it feel a lot worse than it did. By following the advice uncovered by the Dog Food Conspiracy, you can find out key information to cheer your dog up, make it healthier and ensure it lives longer.

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