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Foods Unsafe For Your Dog

Some food available in the home while safe for human consumption poses unseen dangers for your dog.

At times, even the most basic food such as milk may cause problems when your dog consumes them.

In order to keep your canine companion safe, it is important for you to be aware which food to keep away from dogs and which food are ok to share with your dog.

Here are a common list of foods unsafe for your dog:

1. Chocolates

All chocolates are toxic. Some are more toxic than others. Chocolates contain a substance known as theobromine which is the toxic element. This substance is highly stimulating to the nervous system and will also cause an increase in heart rate. Most cases end up fatally if the affected dog is not attended to immediately. Chocolate can kill your dog though smaller amounts are usually not fatal. It is wise to keep chocolate out of reach from your dog.

2. Onions, garlic, chives

Regardless of whether they are cooked or not coked these substances are toxic to dogs affecting red blood cells and resulting in their destruction. This will lead to a form of anaemia known as haemolytic anaemia.

The onions may also be irritating to the intestinal tract of the dog causing discomfort.

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3. Xylitol

This compound is present in gums and candy. It is used as a sweetener and when consumed by the dog it will stimulate insulin production from the pancreas. This insulin will stimulate absorption of sugar in blood leading to very low levels of sugar in blood.

This compound may also lead to liver damage. Signs of toxicity will include weakness and loss of co-ordination.

4. Yeast dough

Even after ingestion the yeast dough continues to rise. This will lead to accumulation of gas in the stomach and may cause rupture of this organ. To avoid this, any uncooked yeast dough should not be left in areas where the dog can reach it.

5. Grapes

These are highly toxic to the kidney. Even when eaten in very small amounts they have the capacity to cause a lot of damage. Signs of toxicity will include vomiting, abdominal pain and reduced urine production (in early stages), no urine (later stages).

6. Alcohol

This is a very toxic compound. Alcohol has an effect on the nervous system and will also cause the nervous system and also depresses the respiratory system. This may result in difficulty in breathing, lack of co-ordination and loss of consciousness.

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7. Caffeinated beverages

These include coffee, tea or any other drink that contains caffeine. Coffee has higher levels of caffeine than tea. Caffein will stimulate the nervous system and also has a stimulating effect on the heart. It will cause increase in heart rate, muscle tremors and convulsions.

To avoid any medical emergencies that may follow consumption of these foods, foods that are a considered toxic should never be given to dogs even in small amounts. Ensure that these kinds of foods are kept in locked places that are hard to reach for the dogs. In the kitchen, put these foods higher up in the shelves. This will greatly reduce the chances of your dog eating food that is unsafe for them.

It is also highly recommended to learn some basic first aid for dogs as you will be better equipped to deal with any emergencies that might arise.

Other foods that you also want to keep your dogs away from are macadamia nuts, avocado, pork or chicken bones (this is since they splinter easily), mouldy or spoilt foods.

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