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There is nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and – yuk – step into something cold (or warm) and wet with bare feet.

You are almost afraid to turn on the light and see what it is you squashed with your foot. It has to be done. The absence of smell made you a little braver in turning that switch.

There it is: A fairly large pile of vomited dog food, some of it undigested. This, being the third time in one week such a pile was found, is making you think….what is the problem with the dog?

Could it be that Fido has food sensitivity and needs to get dog food for sensitive stomachs?


One clue that a dog has a food sensitivity to his usual fare is that a) he vomits quite frequently, and b) his bowels are protesting and he has to eliminate more than what seems "normal." Of course what is normal for one dog may not be normal for other dogs.

In general, you have a pretty good idea that something is wrong, when bowel habits change right after you find that bargain brand of dog food and feed it to your beloved pet. The powers of observation may have to be engaged when he needs to go outside because not only is frequency of elimination a clue, the consistency of said elimination will also suddenly be different. Instead of having semi-solid excrements, you will see your dog struggling with diarrhea.

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There is a difference between dog food sensitivity and dog food allergy, the allergy being more uncomfortable to bear. Food sensitivity can be treated simply by giving your dog a brand of food that is gentler for him to digest.

Different Brands:

Checking out the brand names of dog food on the market, it is important to read the labels. Most will draw your attention somewhere on the bag claiming to be the number one food for allergies. Quite a number of brands are excellent in their choice of ingredients.

They include only quality proteins and carbohydrates in their ingredients. Rice and potatoes make up the carbohydrate portion, rather than cornmeal wheat and soy; turkey, salmon, lamb, and rabbit, not meat byproducts, comprising the protein portion. Even the combination of those innocuous ingredients may not be a safe recipe for your dog.

The best thing to do is to buy just the smallest size bag or a couple of cans if you feed canned food and see how your dog tolerates it. You may even have to switch from canned food to dry food or vice versa in order to give that sensitive stomach lining a rest. If you cook your own dog food, it goes without saying that you refrain from adding little dashes of anything that's spicier than plain white rice.

Usually, a trial and elimination period will give you your answers regarding the brand of dog food for sensitive stomachs you need to buy. It may be a bit pricier to feed Fido, but the love we get in return is worth so much more than that.

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