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Dog Feeding Schedules

There are several options you can choose when feeding your dog. It is important that you set up certain feeding expectations. Dog feeding schedules mainly depend on your dogs’ way of eating.

You can choose to feed your dog ad lib (also known as free choice) or measured amounts given two to three times daily.

Feeding Your Dog Ad Lib

Feeding ad lib means that there is always food available for your dog, and that the amount of food is not measured. Your dogs’ food bowl is basically full all the time. Ad lib feeding is only a good choice for dogs that do not rush when eating, and know to stop when they are full.

Being able to feed your dog free choice can save you time and is ideal for people that have busy lives. You can fill the bowl before leaving work and fill it again when returning home. It is also easy for your dog to be cared for when you are on vacation.

This way your pet care taker only has to go to your house twice daily to make sure your pet has adequate food and water. Do not feed ad lib if your dog rushes into eating or over eats. This can cause an upset stomach and other gastrointestinal issues.

Measured Feeding

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Feeding your dog a specific amount at certain times is perfectly fine. One thing to remember is that once you start a feeding schedule, your dog will be expecting his food at the same time each day. This means that you or someone else will have to be available to feed your dog. Dog feeding schedules such as this one are great for pets that are prone to obesity and dogs that have a tendency to eat fast.

Your dog will feel satisfied because he will eat throughout the day. This can be beneficial for dogs with overweight issues as well as active dogs. Feeding two to three times daily will increase your dogs’ metabolism and allow your dogs’ body to have more energy during the day. For more details, read this article on how much to feed a dog.

Feeding Your Puppy

Puppies require a special feeding regimen. You should feed your puppy three to four times daily. If your puppy goes a long time without food, his blood glucose can drop and cause shock. Feeding small portions at a time will provide your growing puppy with enough nutrients and energy to get through the day.

Many puppies are eager to eat and will eat too fast. This can cause your dog to vomit and the food will not be digested properly. If you are feeding dry food, you can place rocks (big enough so your puppy can’t swallow them) in the bowl to slow him down.

Dog feeding schedules should be created around your dogs’ special needs and your lifestyle. If you have a busier life and your dog knows how to limit himself when eating, you can choose to feed ad lib.

If you are available throughout the day, and are willing to take the time to measure out your dogs’ food, then do so. Remember that once you begin a feeding schedule, your dog will expect you to abide to the routine.

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