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Canine Diabetes - Diets Are Important

Diabetes in dogs is a common disease, although German Sheppard, Golden Retrievers, and Poodles are more susceptible than other breeds.

Diabetes is caused by the pancreas not producing enough insulin into the system which controls the glucose.

Glucose goes enters into cells and creates energy. The dog will become hyperglycemic, which means that it has too much glucose in the bloodstream and in the urine.

This can lead to liver damage, heart disease, kidney disease and increased infections. Although dogs can be given insulin to balance the glucose, in canine diabetes diets are important.

Early Detection Of The Disease Is Critical

If you have been noticing your dog drinking excessive water it could be that the sugar in his urine is causing him to eliminate more than usually causing dehydration. The sugar in the urine acts like a diuretic and you will notice frequent urinating. Another sign of diabetes in dogs is that they are overly hungry and will eat more than normal.

Again this has to do with the change in his metabolism; only instead of gaining weight the dog will lose weight. The best way to confirm if your dog has diabetes is to take him to the veterinarian and have his glucose tested. If so, the vet will assess your pets need for insulin and will recommend a specialized diet.

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Specialized Diet

Depending on the degree of diabetes your dog has insulin will be given according to his weight and size, but diet is needed to stabilize the diabetes. The animals caloric intake will be determined by his weight and how much activity the dog does, for example an obese dog will have a diet that is high in fiber and high in carbohydrates until their weight is normalized.

The determined calories will be divided between how many calories are in the dog food and what is fed. This will help maintain the glucose level consistently. Once you have your diet for your dog, he will need to be feed regularly.

Rich Fiber Foods

Canine diabetes diets are important and theirs should consist of foods that have good fiber sources. The reason for this is the extra fiber will assist the dog in digesting its food and the carbohydrates will be absorbed into the system more efficiently. This will reduce the glucose in the bloodstream which hits highest right after eating meals.

Your dog will need to eat the same amount, at the same time for its body to balance the glucose daily. A canned food that is balanced along with dry food that is high in fiber is recommended for a balance diet.  Be sure to check the calories and adjust amounts according to the diet.

The important thing to remember once your dog is on the specialized diet is to observe his eating patterns. If you notice that the dog is wanting more water than usual or eating and still acting like he is hungry his insulin may need to be adjusted. The diet is essential in controlling the canine diabetes.

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