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Dog Boundary Training

Whenever you get a new dog you will want to train it to stay in the yard and not go out to the street or into a neighbor’s yard.

Even if you have a fenced yard there will be times when someone will leave a gate open or the dog will follow you out the front door.

So when you are planning your training you’ll want to be sure to include dog boundary training.

Training your dog to stay within the boundaries that you want to set can be a complex task for you to do. The one thing to remember in dog boundary training is to be consistent, make sure the boundaries stay the same always and when the dog crosses the boundary immediately let it know that it has been crossed. Dogs will test you to make sure you mean what you say, so a firm command such “home” or “out” will indicate that you mean business.

Setting Up The Boundary

Dogs are visual, so they will need to see the boundary that you want them to stay in. This can be done several ways such as putting up little flags or drawing a white line. Fences work also, but for it to work you will need to have the gate open so as to teach not to leave the yard.

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Then you will need to teach your dog what a boundary is. This can be done with a leash and walking the perimeter of the boundary, while not allowing the dog to cross the line with a slight tug or ‘correction with the lead.’ At first this should be done several times before moving to the next step.

Advancing to the Next Step

During the dog boundary training you will want to consistently extend the leash allowing your dog to move more freely. By using a longer leash line it will give you the opportunity to test the boundary that has been set up as well as remind the dog that there is still a boundary there regardless how much freedom he has. In this case you would tug on the leash the minute he steps on the boundary line and command him with whatever word you have chosen that means do not cross that line. Again you will need to be consistent.

The Final Training Lesson

Once you have reached the level of walking your dog without a leash within the boundary that you have set, the final test will be given. This is where you want to entice him to cross the boundary. There are several ways to do this but probably the easiest is to play fetch with him, and throw the ball over the boundary line.

Dogs will need to learn that the boundary is there no matter what the circumstance and he needs to stop at that line. If the dog crosses the boundary chasing a ball then you will need to let him know. This technique can also be used inside for keeping your dog from entering a room.

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