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Does Your Dog Pee on You?

Does your dog pee on you? If you are having that problem it can be one of the most embarrassing problems that you can have.

The worst part is that your dog can actually get worst and do it in front of company and worst it can start doing it to other people.

The problem may have something to do with marking due to possessiveness or marking because of insecurity.

Either way you should know that the behavior is not natural and it should be addressed. Dogs pee for two reasons and those are to mark territory or to clear their bladder. Clearing of the bladder though it can be normal to haven next to an upright item, it should not be on your leg.

Marking For Possessiveness

The first question you must answer is why does your dog pee on you? There are different dogs so the reasons can vary, but possessiveness is usually on of the reasons. This behavior is most often exhibited if you have more than one dog in the house, or if there are other dogs around.

In both of those situations the dog is showing a lack of training in the hierarchy in your household. The dog has taken a high ranking in that hierarchy and you are under it. This is not a healthy human/dog relationship and it must be corrected in order to stop the problem. The correction can be done with training and it can be done fairly quickly.


Marking Because Of Insecurity

The other answer to the question of why does your dog pee on you is insecurity. The behavior also happens in the presence of other dogs so attention to the dog’s body language is imperative to determine the reason. If your dog seems more nervous and aggressive then the behavior is most likely coming from insecurity.

A possessive alpha dog seems more confident; an insecure dog will have its head down and move from side to side. Your dog’s insecurity may have to do with issues of abandonment, and maybe has developed dog separation anxiety which can be very hard to deal with.

How Do You Stop It?

In order to stop this very unwanted behavior you must be seen by the dog as having a higher hierarchy than it. That means being an alpha in the pack; that may take a little work in your part because it all depends on your own confidence and on your interaction with the dog. If the dog feels that it does not need to be the alpha to a human it will gladly let you step into that role.

You also have to always be observant of the dog’s body language when it is around you. When you feel that your dog is about to urinate on you, it is then that you must stop it in its track. A quick distraction or a no just before the action will stop the dog and let it know that you disapprove. Remember not to use the dog’s name in a negative manner; especially when correcting an insecure dog.

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