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Clicker Training 101

clicker training ebook
* 32 page ebook 

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"I have been training our staff in clicker for the past 3 weeks. Things are going really well: All of us got to see the clicker working on these dogs in the very first week... AMAZING"

- Susan Carney, Community Programs Manager, New Hampshire SPCA

Product Description

The in-depth, step-by-step guide that explains exactly how to use the same simple tool to train your dog that professional animal trainers use to train pigeons, dolphins, horses and killer whales!

Designed to be a quick and informative read, it's 31 pages of just-the-facts information that will take you step-by-step through the process of using this scientific dog training procedure that's easy to follow and really works!

Clicker Training 101 is fact-filled and informative. It's designed for anyone who wants to:

  * Give their dog the best training available in the shortest possible time.

  * Break the cycle of disobedience and finally own a dog that not only has good manners, but obeys your every command willingly and without hesitation.

  * Do it all without stress or harming the dog in any way.

Wouldn't you love to give your dog the world's best training right at home and without spending a fortune to do it?

Get ready to discover how clicker training works and how easy it is to go from "bad dog" to "good dog" in an amazingly short time.

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