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7 Ways to Stop Dogs Digging

Digging is one of those things that just never seems to stop. Whatever you do, your dog finds a way to tear up your newly planted flowers or create a mess of the neighbor's yard.
So, it's completely understandable when you reach your wit's end and start keeping the pooch inside to stop the dog from digging in the lawn.
But, digging is not a hopeless behaviour. There are ways to stop it and to control your dog's constant urges.
You just need to create a good environment for them, teach them where is okay to dig, and make it very unpleasant to dig in your flowers.
1. Create a Special Digging Area - Step one is to create a special digging area where your dog is allowed to dig. When trying to end a bad dog behaviour, it is always best to have an alternative. Plus, when you punish your dog for digging, he will often only stop until you are gone.
So, instead of making your life harder by having multiple ways for your dog to circumvent your commands, make it easy and build him a pit of soft sand or put together a swimming pool filled with dirt for him.
2. Keep Him from Getting Bored - Some dogs dig just to dig, but many others will dig because they are bored and need something to keep them busy. If your dog is too bored or just overwhelmed with energy, you need to wear him out somehow.
Make sure he gets enough walks, give him toys and treats to keep him busy, and minimize how much time he spends idle in the back yard.
3. Remove the Impetus to Dig - Dogs want to dig for many reasons - mostly because they need somewhere to release that energy. Rather than making it easy by providing so many spots they love, stop putting out fertilizers, sweet smelling flowers or other attractive dig spots.
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4. Reprimands and Negative Reinforcement - This doesn't work with every dog and sometimes can even make it worse. However, if your dog normally responds well to a spray bottle to the face or a sharp "No!", start watching him carefully and reinforce that digging is bad as often as possible. This dog behavior training must be implemented with consistency and you could ask your family members to help out on this as well.
5. Chicken Wire and Covering - There are plenty of coverings that will make it less fun for a dog to dig, with chicken wire topping the list. It may be ugly, but usually having it covered for a short time will teach the dog quickly enough to stop his digging.
6. Don't Let Him Near Hot Spots - If your dog really likes to dig in the flowers or against the fence, make it so he doesn't have access to those spots. Put up barriers, limit his outdoor access or put in a lead line.
Many people assume that it's the dog's duty to stop doing whatever gets under your skin. However, a dog will be a dog. Sometimes it's just easier to remove him from the situation than keep fighting a losing battle.
7. Sprays and Deterrents - There are special deterrents and sprays you can use to keep your do from digging in certain spots. They work to varying degrees, but most pet stores will have a good selection of humane dig preventatives.
Trust me in that you're not the only person who's ever had a problem with a dig-happy dog. There are solutions out there if you know where to look. Just be patient, don't expect miracles, and give your dog the benefit of the doubt.
He's not trying to make you mad. He just really likes to dig. Keep him occupied in other ways and the behaviour will hopefully dissipate with time.
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