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7 Ways to Make Your Dog LOVE You

The deepest desire of every dog owner is to be loved by their dog. From the moment you see a well-trained, loyal dog as a child you want your very own - a pet that will follow your every move and protect you above all else.

But, sometimes, we mislead ourselves as to what will actually make our dogs love us. It's not just about spoiling them.

There needs to be discipline and clear leadership in the household. But, after you've taken control and identify your dog's temperament, these tips will make that relationship better than ever.

1. Treat Discipline - Avoid giving any table scraps to your dog. It's a confusing message for them in regards to who's in charge and it can lead to an unhealthy dog, who is in turn not a happy dog. But, a treat every now and then will always make them love you that much more.

2. Playing Every Day - When you've been at work all day, the last thing you may want to do is play with your dog. But, it's very important to play at least once a day, for an hour or so. Even if that is just throwing a toy and playing fetch while watching TV, your dog doesn't mind.

3. Go on Rides - If you establish yourself as the clear pack leader of your home, your dog will feel privileged to be taken with you on trips in the car or to the store. If it's possible to take your dog with, take them.

4. Interact on Their Level - One of the easiest ways to ingratiate yourself toward a dog is to get down on their level and talk to them and give them attention. If a dog is left to its own devices on the floor, especially if it is not allowed on the couch, it will feel left out.

By joining your dog on the floor and at its bed, you can share even more special bonding time that will show the dog that you care. This is one of the best dog training tips to try out if you want to have better bonding.

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5. Walks - Never underestimate the power of a good walk. Even if your dog appears to be only interested in sniffing that bush behind the tree on the corner, they are extremely excited to be out of the house with you. Make sure to occasionally get their attention while walking.

6. Grooming and Health - It may not seem like it right now, but your dog appreciates the time you spend bathing, grooming and caring for it. Even if the dog hates the bath, she loves being clean and she knows who does that for her.

If nothing else, a healthy dog is a happy dog and that happiness will almost always be directed at you. Many times, a grouchy dog is one that is in poor health without enough exercise. That is always something you can fix.
7. Display Positive Feelings - A dog reacts to your body language and emotions far more than your actions and your words. You can say "I love you" to a dog, but it won't have any meaning unless you really mean it and show it.

So, truly feel the emotions that you're presenting to the dog. Spend time with her without being annoyed by it.s Don't be impatient or gruff, and always allow your dog to play. Sure, you need to be the alpha leader, but you also need to show her that you care.
Having a dog is a symbiotic relationship. The time you spend with her is based as much on what she gets from you as what you get from her. So, if you truly want your dog to love you, you simply need to love her.

More often than not, someone who spends the most time with the dog and loves her significantly will be able to enjoy that level of love and devotion we always dream of.

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